C. Stanley Photography | Wedding Portfolio
Colin Hovde

I approach photography from a blend of photojournalism and ninja techniques. Almost all of my experience as a photographer comes from taking candid pictures with available light. A lot of what I have shot is theater photography where there is very little light. I like to think of myself as a ninja that is always ready to grab a moment and never in the way. Often unseen...

A wedding is very much like a theatrical performance. It only happens once, and you really need to know how to feel the rhythm, tone and depth of the event and the individual moments. I bring a directors eye and sensitivity to my approach as a photographer. I also bring the expertise of a director who is used to working in high stress situations with ease and relaxation.

Below you will see four examples of wedding albums. You will see exactly what I gave these clients in terms of the final images.

If you like what you see I would love to speak with you about your special day. I have really decent rates starting at $3,000 and depending on whether you want more or less we can tailor the package to your needs.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Colin (the wedding ninja)

Paige & Kris

MJ & Colleen

Shirley & Colin

Jessie & Joe